Your Home-Protect It

Much is made of the benefits of home ownership.  The protection of a family, the development of children and personal reflection are all elements of why Americans value home ownership.  Along with the many personal benefits come personal responsibilities.  Grass needs to be cut, maintenance needs to be done and proper insurance is required.


The requirement of insurance comes from a number of partners homeowners acquire on the path of home ownerships.  A mortgage, a second mortgage or a regulatory requirement are some of the reasons there is the need to protect the asset.  But a bank’s mortgage is not the only level of investment in a home, never forget your investment.  Typical insurance needs include title insurance, then a homeowners policy and now commonly flood or earthquake coverage.  If the interest being covered is the banks, then the homeowner is not properly covered.


Your value in the home you are making far exceeds the financial value of a building.  It includes the reasons you made the purchase, the memories made and the future expectations to be achieved.


You want the best protection.  You want to know what you are going to receive if there is a loss.  You want to know you are not over paying for the best protection.  After all the product you are buying is the claim you hope to never have to make…a fire, a flood, an injury to a friend or family member are all personal losses…that do happen every day.


There are some common and techniques to reduce the cost of a homeowners policy.  But if these techniques are inconsistent with the language in the insurance policy; they serve the insured, the client, poorly when there is a loss.  And that claim, the protection set out in the policy, is the product you are buying.  You may never think of it as a shiny new truck, but when the claim occurs it will have even greater value; if set up properly.


You need a realistic value of your homes replacement cost not the market value.

How to achieve this is to know your square footage and know the level of construction and options you have in your home.  After that it is a clear understanding of what it will cost to replace your home.

Swamp Fox can help you understand how to get to this point of understanding replacement cost; and then how to understand what is going to happen when a claim occurs.  There are no good reasons for an unpleasant surprise when the claim occurs.  You will have enough going on in your life; you do not need the emotions of not being covered for what you thought you paid into for all those years.


Your responsibility is also to provide a safe premise where care to the danger to individuals on your property is taken.  This care can include

  • the type of maintenance

  • the type of pets you keep

  • the type of youth entertainment you provide

You will find information on all of these exposures from your Swamp Fox Agent.


The impact of flood is a catastrophe and always personal to you.  Whether you are insured or not a flood is going to be a catastrophe.  The point is to be insured so there is the ability to restart your life after the catastrophe passes.  When blue skies replace the hurricane winds be ready to start rebuilding the life you have worked so hard to make.

We know that there are steps to take that can make the rebuilding easier.  We know there are details that reduce the cost of having the proper amounts of insurance.  We have trained in the details of the National Flood requirements.  We can identify your flood zone, assist you with your Elevation Certificate, properly rate your coverage, offer alternatives that can reduce the costs of coverage while not reducing the amount of cover in the event of a flood.


No amount of training can relieve the sense of loss after a catastrophe such as a flood.  But training does provide us with the skills to offer alternatives from which you can make an informed decision before the catastrophe has struck.  And before the event is when you want to make those decisions.