SCTA Conference

By:Jeremy Barclay

In this highly litigious and fluid era in the transportation industry you can never be too informed.  This past weekend, Swamp Fox representatives Sarah and Jeremy Barclay attended this years South Carolina Truckers Association annual meeting.  The informative weekend included presentations by representatives from the Department of Transportation, economic advisors, leadership counselors, authors, safety personnel, as well as other association members.


Business’s networked and exchanged ideas to lead the industry through anticipated upcoming challenges.  Emerging technology and its subsequent role to influence change in almost all aspects of our day-to-day life is certainly bringing change to our transportation industry.  I, for one, welcome it.  Gone are the days where someone’s opinion is saying, “I am not gunna use a smart phone.”  Those days are gone because, frankly, that persons opinion doesn’t matter.  Smart phones have revolutionized the way we do business and interact personally, furthering the ease of doing business and communication, proving the use of them as a smart and lasting invention.  Like the other technological innovations yet to come.  The bell curve for new and emerging ideas is a real concept, and with all things, there will be those companies and individuals who will be the early adapters, those who just get it sooner than others.  But eventually even the nay-sayers will be stubbornly willing to change their old fashion ways once either the “old school” way of doing things becomes a competitive disadvantage or from simple supply and demand and there is no alternative.  Much in the same way that you can barely have a cell phone any more that is no longer a smart phone, either because of software updates that must be performed to function with your carrier or you are just tired of playing only Snake on your Nokia.


Measurable analytic presentations always impress me.  Personally, I attribute it to the fact that you can “see” if or how something is working, or not working.  The trends of certain concepts, ideas, or change in industry is real as almost every industry is highly fluid and ever changing.  Rates for shippers and buyers alike can fluctuate like the ticker at the stock market and knowing where and when those changes may come allows companies to hedge their bets on futures and help drive economic success in a highly competitive market.  Right now, the future is good.  Transportation overall is at a peak.  But, be ready for the ebb and flow of a dynamic economy and keep an open mind for emerging technology that will drive future successful companies.  If you are a commodity based hauler, you are likely to see a stable market.  If, however, your shipment includes mostly deliveries to retail stores, keep in mind that a significant decrease is likely in the coming years.  Just take notice of the deteriorating environment for brick and mortar retail stores.


Through Swamp Fox’s partnerships and active roles within our state associations we aim to bring a level of service and commitment to the industries we represent that reflects the changing landscape of running your company.  We would like to congratulate Rick Todd, Taryn Shekitka-West and the rest of the SCTA staff on a very successful convention.  We are already looking forward to next year.


Remember, at the end of the day sometimes an “old school” mentality is the right way of thinking.  Work hard, play by the rules and be open to new ideas, while not forgetting to take the time to network and build some friendships and usually things will work out.