Safety Tips for City Driving

Safety Tips for City Driving
You already know that driving a truck requires extra safety precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road. Certain situations, such as driving in a city, are even more dangerous and must be handled differently than your typical highway driving.
Driving in a big city can sometimes be overwhelming, stressful and chaotic. The volume of vehicles, obscure streets and noise create much different conditions than what you may be used to.
However, if you remain calm, maintain a lawful speed, take extra precautions and stay alert, you will safely navigate through major city streets.
Safety Tips
There are some easy tips to follow while driving through the city that will make your experience safer and less stressful:
• Check your rearview mirror every 10 to 20 seconds, especially when making a turn or changing lanes.
• Be aware of your “no zone” and pay close attention to all cars, bikes and pedestrians around you.
• Merge slowly and smoothly into the traffic stream when changing lanes. Make sure you have plenty of room and be extra cautious about your blind spots before moving.
• Get into the left lane before making a left turn and avoid swinging right any more than is necessary to safely complete your turn.
• Never run a red light for any reason! When approaching a yellow light, try to stop safely if you can.
• Always maintain a safe driving distance. Due to more frequent and sudden stops common in the city, leave more space between you and the car in front of you that you normally would on the highway.
• When approaching an intersection in which the light just turned green, do not assume that cross-street traffic will stop. Be ready to brake and slow down to ensure that you can safely enter the intersection.
• Exercise caution when the streets are wet. The oil and fuel floats on the top of water, which makes the road extremely slippery. To avoid slipping, accelerate and brake slowly, and increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
• Allow vehicles next to you to merge into your lane if they have indicated that intention with a turn signal.
• If you notice an erratic driver, be very cautious and try to steer clear of his or her path.
• Never drive erratically or make sudden turns, lane changes or stops.
For Your Protection
Driving a truck is a big responsibility, and you need to exercise extra caution when driving in tricky conditions – including busy city streets. For everyone’s safety and protection, always follow driving laws and ’s safety rules while on the road.