Insurance and Asset Protection

Every business has a level of assets that they have exposed to from the day to day operation of the business.  The value of the business builds over time and may come to have significant asset value.  Significant value is always a relative term but it always relates back to you.  So what are some of the items that make-up of asset value.  

  • Buildings

  • Equipment

  • Contracts that support revenue

  • Reputation

And exceeding the assets of the operations of the business are the personal assets that the business supports.

  • Family

  • Home

  • Personal assets

  • Financial security

Swamp Fox Agency takes the role of protecting your personal assets seriously.  It should never be about meeting some minimum standard, regardless about how high that standard appears to be.  Our goal is to know what you have invested in your business and protect both the business and the personal assets you have worked for to the extend insurance and your choices permit.


Through a comprehensive discussion of what the business is about we will provide you the details of what you should be looking for and then provide you the alternatives at the best possible competitive pricing.  We understand the fundamentals of your business.  Whether it be

  • Driving records

  • Safer reports

  • Operational safety

  • Organization structure

  • Maintenance schedules

and then we want you to understand how insurance can work for you.

We evaluate your needs and provide you with alternatives so that you can make an informed decision of the level of insurance protection you require.


Organizational structure can be important.  A Limited Liability Corporation, LLC, can have an impact that affects protection of business and personal assets, as well as, pricing of your insurance.  We can assist in your understanding of why this is the case.


Certain industries have seen increasing regulation.  Regulation compliance is important for your successful operations.  Regulations can run the gamut from random drug screening to disposal of materials.  Employee selection is one of the critical issues for every business.  When an employee’s actions are independent they can affect your business in a way you may never intended.  The vehicle driver makes many rapid decisions every day behind the wheel of the truck.

  • It makes sense that the driver has a good driving record, is drug free and not distracted by cell phones or texting.

  • It makes sense that the driver does his own inspection of the tractor and trailer before making every run with the vehicle.  Pilots do so before every flight.  As a business owner you cannot do every inspection personally but you will certainly be held responsible for every equipment failure noted when the vehicle is pulled over for random inspection.

  • It makes sense to use technology to help you monitor and protect your business.

Any of these issues can affect your business in a fundamental way.

Swamp Fox Agency expects to do more than just provide with an insurance policy.  We want you to know alternatives.  We want you aware of what actions you can take.

The ultimate decision is yours but the options you chose from should allow you choice.