Associations and the importance of belonging to one

By:Dustin Lambert

We encourage you to participate in your local timber, forestry and trucking associations. Membership in these organizations is a sensible business investment, plain and simple. Whether you’re a logger, timber buyer, land owner or trucker these associations are working constantly to promote your interests by providing you with the information, resources, and support you need to maintain a healthy, growing business.

Industry groups can provide you with valuable and up to date news and information on current events, legislative activities, government rules, compliance regulations, safety practices, sister states’ reports, public policy issues, and industry highlights.  Stay informed about legislative updates and calls to action.  Groups like the SCTPA provide loggers and truckers with the government representation you need to make your voice heard in legislature.  Lobbyists represent you by maintaining daily contact with legislators and promoting your interests at every available opportunity.  It is nice important to know that these associations are fighting for your best interests and protecting your rights as a business owner in this heavily regulated industry.

Association membership can often give you access to exclusive training material and updates on safety practices and compliance requirements.  Many organizations offer safety certification classes and ongoing training for employees.  In the ever changing timber and trucking industries, it is vital to stay informed on the safe workplace requirements in order to ensure the future success of your company.

We ask that you take the time to look into which associations and membership groups are available in your state.  We have provided several links here.  Stay safe out there!